AETHYRICK :: 4. Album vor Release im Fullstream

Am 31. März erscheint das 4. Album der Melancholic/Atmospheric Black Metal AETHYRICK bei The Sinister Flame. Bereits vor Release kann man „Pilgrimage“ in voller Länge beim YouTube Kanal Black Metal Promotion hören. www.aethyrick.com

Kommentar von Aethyrick: „The red thread running from the first track to the last is threefold. The outer layer tells a story of an individual who cuts himself loose from the mundane world of his fellow men through the act of murder most foul and goes into the wilderness to live as a hermit – a king of his own realm, as it were – never to return. Under this narrative, one can find a poetic description of a gradual shift in perception – the rather inherent illusion of man as the very crown of creation is replaced by the realization of his absolute oneness with all nature. And yet, at the heart of it all, there are the eight steps of a foundation rite rooted in the tradition that gave birth to Aethyrick in the first place.“