SHORES OF NULL :: Neues Video vom aktuellen Album

Das in Rom ansässige Blackened Gothic Doom Quintett SHORES OF NULL hat ein neues Musikvideo für den Song „Darkness Won’t Take Me“ veröffentlicht, der von ihrem letzten Album „The Loss Of Beauty“ stammt, das im vergangenen März über Spikerot Records veröffentlicht wurde.

Vocalist Davide Straccione details:
“While I was collecting ideas for the album’s lyrics, I remember having a chat with Martina of Sanda Movies about possible topics, starting from visual ideas. Martina knows us very well, in fact, she contributed since our first album to create our visual identity through the videos she made for us. She showed me a painting by the Italian artist Verdirosi, portraying an old man, tired and hunchbacked, pulling a cart with the grim reaper patiently sitting on it, and I immediately connected with that vision. I imagined a man that had lived his life to the fullest, his time has come but he’s holding back death for a little longer ‘cause he’s so attached to life. He will leave this world on his own terms, and without regrets.”