WYRMWOODS :: Neue Single vom 3. Album

Die finnische Experimental Finniche Black Metal Band WYRMWOODS haben ihre neue Single „Subterrane“ veröffentlicht. Der Track stammt vom kommenden, dritten Album „Gamma“, welches am 23. Oktober bei Inverse Records erscheinen wird.

The band’s sole member Nuurag-Vaarn comments: „Subterrane – like the whole upcoming third album – will be a departure from the last album’s more chaotic and lo-fi style and closer to the style of the first album. Less avant-garde and more progressive, with some added influences from bands like Opeth, in addition to all the previous inspirations. Many of the songs, like this one, won’t be as primarily Black Metal like previous Wyrmwood’s tracks especially last album, but more of a mixture of different metal genres.“