WOLFHEART :: Neue EP im März

Die finnischen Melodic Death Metaller WOLFHEART haben zum Titeltrack ihrer neuen EP ein Lyric-Video veröffentlicht (mit Vocals von Petro Solovey der ukrainischen Band Wolfanger). „Skull Soldiers“ erscheint am 5. März bei Napalm Records.

WOLFHEART frontman Tuomas Saukkonen says about „Skull Soldiers“:
„I wanted the first single to be as heavy and crushing as possible in our standards so it would reflect the theme in the best possible way. The lyrics also are heavily connected to the Skull Soldiers themselves, and Petro from Ukrainian band Wolfanger provided awesome guest vocals in his native language, adding another level to the brutality.“

Skull Soldiers EP tracklisting:
1. Skull Soldiers
2. Hereditary
3. Aeon of Cold (Acoustic)
4. Reaper (Live)

The Skull Soldiers EP will be available in the following formats:
– 12 inch Vinyl EP in Silver + Patch (Napalm Mailorder – strictly limited)
– 12 inch Vinyl EP in Silver + Patch + Shirt (Napalm Mailorder – strictly limited)
– Digital EP