WOLFHEART :: Finnische Melodeather mit weiterem Song zum neuen Album

Am 10. April erscheint das neue Album „Wolves Of Karelia“ von WOLFHEART (um Frontmann Tuomas Saukkonen) bei Napalm Records. Die neue Single „The Hammer“ gibt es nun bei YouTube zu hören.

Tuomas Saukkonen:
„‚The Hammer‘ is the best song to describe the Finnish perseverance and willpower. ‚Never surrender, Never retreat, The last defender, The hammer of the north‘. Those lines really underline the fact that no matter what the conditions were, the enemy had to be stopped. Nature was the anvil and you had to become a hammer, and between those two, no invading army could survive.

With the video we wanted to reflect the brotherhood in the band and the crew in contrast to the wrath of the lyrics.“