WITNESSES :: Atmospheric Doom Metal Projekt aus New York mit neuem Lyric-Video

WITNESSES, das genreübergreifende Projekt des New Yorker Multiinstrumentalisten Greg Schwan, hat ein Lyric-Video zu seiner Single „Borgo Pass“ veröffentlicht. Der Atmospheric Doom Metal Track stammt aus der kommenden „The Holy Water“ EP, die am 15. Juli 2022 erscheinen wird.

Info: WITNESSES is the cross-genre project of multi-instrumentalist Greg Schwan. Following the cinematic release IV, The Holy Water EP sees long-time collaborator Gabbi Coenen venture into the metal side of the project. Entranced into the music by emotive vocals, heavily distorted guitars and a blood chilling atmosphere, WITNESSES’s iconic compositional style brings the Gothic narrative to life. „Borgo Pass“ delivers intensity with a dramatic feel, while „Cloistered in Purfleet“ carries a quality that is soft and sweet, alongside it’s dark underbelly. Concluding with a fleeting acoustic guitar driven piece, „The Ballad of Lucy and Mina“ is a beautiful performance of intricate melodies. It’s a delicate and minimalist track, and yet encompasses such fierce energy.