VERMILIA :: Neuer Track der finnischen Pagan-Metal-Künstlerin

Die finnische Pagan-Metal-Künstlerin VERMILIA hat einen neuen Track namens „Hautavajo“ veröffentlicht, die erste Single aus ihrem kommenden Album „Ruska“, das am 09.09.2022 als CD/Digital erscheinen wird. Das Album kann auf Bandcamp vorbestellt werden:

Vermilia comments about the song:
”The song Hautavajo is my last composition for the album Ruska. The creation process started from a big emotion that I had to let out. First I composed the guitars for the song and slowly it started to take form. The word Hautavajo comes from the word Hautavajoama(Rift valley) , which means a flat-bottomed, steep-edged, long valley in the seam of two diverging continental plates. Widening initially leads to the formation of narrow straits and later to the opening of entire oceans. I think this describes very well how deep everything in life can go. People’s tears could form an ocean. We live in constant uncertainty and are moving too fast forward. At the same time, we are lonely and accept things too easily. We have to go ahead and things can’t stay where they are now, but I think we should choose another path than the direction we’re going now. ”