TOMORROW’S RAIN :: Neue Single online, Album angekündigt

Die aus Israel stammeden Gothic/Death/Doom Metal band TOMORROW’S RAIN hat die erste Single ihres neuen Albums „Ovdan“ veröffentlicht, das am 19. April 2024 über AOP Records erscheint, mit Gästen von The True Mayhem, Dark Funeral, Unanimated, Xmal Deutschland, Depressive Age, Sol Invictus, The Sisters of Mercy und Michael Denner, bekannt durch seine Arbeit mit King Diamond & Mercyful Fate.

Quote of the band regarding album:
We are excited to announce our upcoming second full length album „Ovdan“ to be released via A.O.P Records in April. „Ovdan“ means Loss, the album was written and recorded during a dark period in our lives and the creative process was in fact our cure to get back to life after several traumatic events we faced, musically we pushed the boundaries and yet kept the vision started in our debut album „Hollow“ (2020). We hope that Ovdan will light a candle at the edge of the tunnel for you as it did to us.