THYRFING :: Neuer Song „Döp dem i eld“ / Album im Sommer

Die schwedischen Viking Metal Ikonen THYRFING haben heute ihre neueste Single „Döp dem i eld“ veröffentlicht und zwar mit ihrem allerersten Video in der über 25-jährigen Bandgeschichte. Das neue Album „Vanagandr“ wird am 27.08. bei Despotz Records veröffentlicht. /

Info: ‘Döp dem i eld’ (which translate as Baptize Them With Fire) is first track to be released from Viking/Pagan metal act Thyrfing’s new album – their first in eight years! A powerful, heavy, and aggressive track packed with groove and melody, it’s the perfect way to re-establish the band and celebrate their new record deal with Despotz Records! This will be the first of two new videos produced for the band by Patric Ullaeus (Dimmu Borgir, Europe, Arch Enemy).

The band comments: ‘The opening track was actually the first song written for the album, back in 2015. It’s quite a straightforward song, a lot of aggression and intense drumming with our measures, still carrying both groove, melody, and epic moments. Also, the first single and first-ever video for Thyrfing!’