TERSIVEL :: Pagan Metal Band mit neuer Single

Die argentinisch/schwedische Pagan-Metal-Band TERSIVEL mit Sitz in Malmö bringt ihren neuen Song, den Nachfolger der Single „Satyrs Wine Part II“ (2018) und des Albums „Worship of the Gods“ (2017), auf den Markt. Die neue Single trägt den Titel „Embers Beneath The Spirit“ und kann über das Musikvideo auf ihrem YouTube-Kanal angehört werden. / /

Tersivel: „We’ve put our substance into the creation of this new song. Its conception has been intense, not only for the less traveled road to exploration we’ve been taking the last couple of years, but also for getting punched in the face by reality itself. The amount of music out there is, to put it politely, overwhelming, and often it feels like there’s more music than listeners. However, the urge to connect with ourselves seems to be satisfied only by being „happy“ or by making serious art, pursuing the former is a waste of life, doing the latter properly is impossible, but at least, there’s honesty there. Once ‚Embers Beneath The Spirit‘ was ready, we struggled a lot about releasing it or not. Stillness came, and then, nothing. Where did the pleasure of creation go? – We asked ourselves without saying a word. Probably nobody will ever know. The only thing we hope for is that this song will bring you some comfort, whenever and wherever you are. Thanks for listening. Lian, Franco and Danny“.