SOL SISTERE :: Neues Lyric-Video

Die chilenischen Atmospheric Black Metaller SOL SISTERE präsentieren das offizielle Lyric-Video zu „The Narrow Path“ von ihrem kommenden dritten selbstbetitelten Album, das am 15. Oktober 2021 über das Label Cult Of Parthenope erscheint.

Sol Sistere have evolved to a major level of aggression in sound and composition, although keeping the roots of their previous albums by including layers of atmospheric and post-rock-like passages. With these new tracks, the band aims to provide the listener with a one-hour contemplative journey under ethereal and cold passages as the music progresses.

The lyrics in the new self-titled album reflect the ideas on how out material being and its energy interaction with every aspect of the universe in all forms. These ideas were conceived by personal experiences with an almost post-apocalyptic and desolate view of the future of humankind. Among all these visions, It’s possible to find topics such as self-destruction, hope and re-starting, concepts always present in the definition of what
Sol Sistere is.