SILENE :: Goth Rock Debütalbum aus Finnland

Die finnische Gothic Rock Band SILENE veröffentlicht am 20.07. via Secret Entertainment Debütalbum „All Our Yesterdays“.

„SILENE is a gothic rock band hailing from Tampere, Finland. Main influences are taken from traditional gothic music but different musical preferences between band members adds its own spice in their  music. Maybe this is one of the reasons that their music is accessible for people who like e.g. Punk-,  Pop or even Classical music. The band has already its own growing fanbase abroad all the way from  Russia to Mexico.

Members of Silene have a long history in musical careers. They have playing with a variety of band, from the early punk era (Marionetti, Kuolleet Kukat and Fucking Finland) to names known in  gothic circles (Fury Raven, Dancing Golem and Two Witches).“