SCHAVOT :: Erster Track vom Debüt

Die Niederländischen Black Metaller SCHAVOT haben den ersten Track von ihrem am 1. Oktober erscheinenden Debütalbum „Galgenbrok“ veröffentlicht. „Droglicht“ heißt der Song, der via Black Metal Promotion II gestreamt wird. Das Album erscheint bei Void Wanderer Productions & War Productions.

Info: As if multi-instrumentalist Floris wasn’t busy enough (in the past two years he released four albums with his bands Asgrauw, Meslamtaea and Sagenland), he still found the time and inspiration for a new solo project. Thus Schavot was created in the year of the face mask (MMXX) and before you could say knife he had written, recorded and mixed eight songs for a full-length. The only things he outsourced were the cover (a painting by Johan Prenger) and the master (by Tuianti) for the debut ‚Galgenbrok‘. The 37 minute long piece is a reflection of his love for nature, folklore and the second wave of black metal.