RUADH :: 3. Album für 2021 angekündigt

Die schottische Celtic/Atmospheric Black Metal Band RUADH hat ihr drittes Studioalbum angekündigt, das den Titel „Eternal“ tragen wird. Das Album wird über Northern Silence Production dieses Jahr veröffentlicht werden. /

Info: The artwork is once again but the amazingly talented Joan Llopis Doménech and the booklet art provided by the equally talented Olga Kann Art / Design.

“Eternal” is a 5 track full length album, each song represents different points of the wheel of the year and one to tie it all together.

“This is album is the most adventurous album I’ve ever written, it’s still Ruadh but as with the other 2 releases you will see changes which I hope you will enjoy as much as I enjoyed creating it. CD is expected to be released before the vinyl of all albums which have been affected by long lead times as a result of Covid 19 so these will be available in the coming months after the initial CD release.” said Tom Perrett, the mastermind behind the project.

The album was recorded and mixed at “Red Glen Studios” in Scotland by Tom Perrett, drums engineered by Phillip Morrison and performed by Mihai Puscasu, female vocals provided by Ceiti, backing vocals on „The Wheel“ by Tom O’Dell, Bagpipes by Kevin Murphy, bass duties by Kim Copland, mastered by Addz ‚Vindicare‘ Milner