RÄMLORD :: Neue Single feat. ex-Sentenced Sänger Taneli Jarva

Die in Helsinki ansässige Heavy Metal Band RÄMLORD hat eine neue Single „Dark Waters“ von ihrem bevorstehenden Debütalbum veröffentlicht, das im Laufe dieses Frühjahrs erscheinen wird. In dem neuen Song hat ex-Sentenced Sänger Taneli Jarva einen Gastauftritt.

As a composition the track represents the heavier side of the album. „We had an idea to create a bit more epic old-school heavy metal song. A bit in the spirit of Black Sabbath and Deep Purple.“ tells the guitar player Jarno Anttila.

„The whole text is purely inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, as well as the middle part hears a quote from Lovecraft in his peculiar style by Taneli Jarva (known from Sentenced, The Black League). In the oceanic atmosphere we are expecting the rise of the Ancient Ones from the depths while enjoying the dark waters to heal our souls.“ lyricist and bass player Niko Karppinen backgrounds.