OCEAN CHIEF :: Doom Metaller mit erster Single aus neuem Album

Am 17. April werden die schwedischen Doom Metaller OCEAN CHIEF ihr sechstes Studioalbum mit dem Titel „Den Tredje Dagen“ über Argonauta Records veröffentlichen. Nach 5 Jahren seit ihrem letzten Album ist die neue Single, der Titeltrack des neuen Werkes, das erste musikalische Lebenszeichen. /

„We are very happy to present this album after nearly 20 years as a band.“ OCEAN CHIEF comment. „The intension to stay with our roots, with the heavy riff bonanza, and also to present an even harsher and darker side of the band, has been accomplished to our satisfaction. There are haunting passages on the album that almost make us afraid of ourselves…
The album was recorded during a weekend in the spring of 2019, and we have stayed with the formula of not overworking the final product. This is uncompromising doom, not for the faint of heart! And this is meant to be played LOUD.“