NOCTURN :: Debüt der Französische Melodic Black/Deather im Fullstream

Die französische Melodic Black/Death Metal Band NOCTURN hat ihr Debütalbum „Like A Seed Of Dust“ am 1. September bei Sliptrick Records veröffentlicht. Das Album steht bei YouTube als Track-by-Track Playlist im Fullstream zum Anhören online. facebook.com/nocturnband

The debut album from French group Nocturn sounds like no other, melting harsh and clean vocals, dual male and female voices, furious fast changing guitar riffs, fine keyboard harmonies, a big bass and a huge blasting drum section. Beyond the alchemy of violence and grace, Like A Seed Of Dust lights up a fragile glow in an infinite ocean of darkness.

The album was recorded in 2018 by Rob Carson and Arnaud Ménard in Studio du Lac, Carsonian Sound Solutions and Sicarius studios. It was mixed by Arnaud Ménard at Sicarius Studio and mastered by Dave Otero at Flatline Studio in 2019. Like A Seed Of Dust features 11 titles including Nocturn’s previous 3-track EP rearranged and performed with the new line-up of the group.

„Like A Seed Of Dust“ also features special guests: Sophie, the singer of From Hell With Love, who joined the band as a full member from then on, Rob from Xaon and Gilles Croset performing saxophone.