NIGHTRAGE :: Neuer Track „Dance of Cerberus“

Mit „Dance of Cerberus“ haben die griechisch-, schwedischen Death Metaller NIGHTRAGE einen weiteren Vorboten aus ihrem neuen Album veröffentlicht. „Abyss Rising“ erscheint am 18.2. bei Despotz Records.

„Dance Of Cerberus is a straight forward Nightrage signature style kind of song, that me and Magnus wrote and it has all these elements that characterize our sound. Heavy melodic riffs, sweet harmonies, and aggressive vocals. I love the intro with the super melodic harmonies and how that goes to a very heavy start for the song. The vocals on the chorus are super heavy and melodic at the same time, and they incorporate this new style, with clean vox on the background, that makes the chorus very wide and open. Ronnie did a great job there with this nice blend of his heavy and clean vox. This song is about us humans and our undying hunger and lust. And this eternal search for quick and easy pleasures make us crawl in our own filth just to get the next fix with no thought of the consequences.“ // Marios