NIGHTFALL :: Den nächsten brandneuen Song veröffentlicht

Die griechischen Metaller NIGHTFALL bringen den zweiten Titel ihres brandneuen Opus „Killing Moon“ heraus. Das neue Album soll am 05. März 2021 veröffentlicht werden. „Killing Moon“ kann jetzt über den offiziellen Season of Mist YouTube-Kanal angesehen werden.

Vocalist Efthimis comments on the track: „Killing Moon is about losing yourself into horrifying thoughts. This is a fight you give every single day with depression. It is a real battlefield with you hiding in sloppy trenches, amid heavy bombardment. When the night falls, things become nastier; depression hits you harder in solitude. The burden is heavier when you are alone and all you need is peace of mind. You would beg for help, but it is like your voice is muted and none can hear you. None can understand the situation you are into. That makes you mad. Anger builds up. Faith collapses. You become prey to depression and your reactions turn violent. Only way out is that dim light of a guiding star you somehow trust it’s gonna save you. But is it true?“