NIGHT IN GALES :: Neues Lyric-Video aus kommender Split-VÖ

Die deutschen Melodic Death Metal-Veteranen NIGHT IN GALES melden sich mit einer neuen Single aus ihrer kommenden Split-Veröffentlichung mit NYKTOPHOBIA zurück.
Night In Gales –
Nyktophobia –

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One can always find two types of gatherings: There are people who meet because they are seeking for like-minded fellows, and there are people who meet, because they are like-minded. Two of Germany’s finest acts in melodic death metal join forces, because they are without any doubt like-minded: NIGHT IN GALES and NYKTOPHOBIA. Together they created a split-release full of haunting melodies and driving rhythms.

‘Silenced By Stars’ and ‘The Dead Half’ showcase the qualities of NIGHT IN GALES in perfection, as both feature a well-varied mixture between fast-paced, double-bass driven passages and outstanding melodies. After three albums in a row, they once again gave their songs into the trusted hands of Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Edge Of Sanity, Nightingale…) who took care of the mixing and mastering duties.

Nyktophobia deliver the score for the colder days of the year. ‘Winter Assault’ with its majestic guitar harmonies in combination with some serious blast-beat attacks will give fans of this style of music the shivers. They also decided to record an updated version of ‘Flight Of The Phoenix’ which originally appeared on their debut “Fallen Empire”. Both songs are carried by the phenomenal mix and master which was done in the Fascination Street Studios (Amon Amarth, Amorphis …).