NEXORUM :: Neue Single vom kommenden Album der Norweger

NEXORUM, die Blackened-Deather aus Norwegen, haben das offizielle Video zu ihrer neuen Single „The Pestilential Wind“ online gestellt. Der Song stammt aus ihrem zweiten Album „Tongue Of Thorns“, das am 19. Mai 2023 über Non Serviam Records erscheinen wird.


“Behold ‘The Pestilential Wind’, the latest offering from Nexorum. As the haunting melodies and guttural vocals intertwine, one can feel the presence of Pazuzu, the ancient Babylonian demon of the southwest wind, summoned forth by the band’s infernal incantations. The blistering beats and eerie guitar riffs create a maelstrom of sound that takes the listener on a journey through a desolate wasteland, ravaged by the disease and suffering that the Pestilential Wind brings. This is a song that drips with malevolent power and unbridled fury, leaving all who hear it in awe of its dark majesty. Join Nexorum on this unholy quest, and let the Pestilential Wind carry you away into the deserts of old”, comments the band.