NAZGHOR :: Neues Album im Fullstream

Das siebte Album von den schwedischen Black Metallern NAZGHOR, „Seventh Secular Crusade“, ist am 25. November 2022 veröffentlicht worden. Das Album wurde von Pentagram Studios (Rotting Christ, Acherontas, Lucifer’s Child) gemischt und gemastert und ist beim YouTube Kanal Black Metal Promotion in voller Länge anhörbar.

Nazghor comments: “Seventh Secular Crusade” is a massive experience of darkness and light. This is our best record to date, and we could not be more ready to share the result with you. It has everything that people expect from Nazghor, excellent melodies, dark atmosphere and raw power. We have raised the bar in both songwriting and production. We believe in this album, and we want to make sure that no one miss the opportunity to witness our greatest opus.