MORTEMIA :: Neuer Song mit Lyricvideo

Morten Veland (SIRENIA, MORTEMIA und Gründer von TRISTANIA) hat heute den zweiten MORTEMIA-Song aus „The Covid Aftermath Sessions“ veröffentlicht. Der Track, bei dem Ulli Perhonen als Gastsänger und Nils Courbaron als Sologitarrist mitwirken, ist ab heute, dem 31. März 2023, auf allen digitalen Plattformen erhältlich.

Morten Veland:
“I am proud and honoured to introduce Ulli Perhonen and my great friend and Sirenia band mate Nils Courbaron as my special guests for ‘The Covid Aftermath Sessions’. This new song is called ‘The Endless Shore’ and will be available on all digital platforms on the 31st of March 2023. Ulli has a really beautiful and expressive classical voice that fits perfectly for this track, and Nils have made an epic guitar solo for the song. I feel truly privileged and thankful to have Ulli and Nils on board this project, and I am really pleased to be sharing this song with you all. You can enjoy ‘The Endless Shore’ on all digital platforms now.

Ulli Perhonen:
“I’m proud to be part of Mortemia’s brand new song „The Endless Shore“. I’ve been following the project for a while now, listening to brilliant collaborations with awesome vocalists like Zora Cock, Heidi Parviainen, Madeleine Liljestam and
many many more. I was surprised and thankful that Morten asked me to do the vocals here and that I can now also contribute to the Mortemia songs, along with Nils Courbaron on solo guitar. It’s a great honour for me and I hope you will like Mortemia’s soundscape combined with Nils’s and my contribution. Enjoy the song and let us take you to the endless shore …”