MORTEMIA :: Morten Veland veröffentlicht 9. Song aus „The Pandemic Pandemonium Sessions“

Morten Veland (SIRENIA, MORTEMIA und Gründer von TRISTANIA) hat nun den 9. MORTEMIA-Song aus den „The Pandemic Pandemonium Sessions“ veröffentlicht. Der Track, „Veiled in Despair“, bei dem Heidi Parviainen (Dark Sarah) als Gastsängerin mitwirkt, ist ab heute, dem 6. Mai 2022, auf allen digitalen Plattformen erhältlich.

Quote – Morten Veland:
“I am proud and honoured to introduce Heidi Parviainen from Dark Sarah as my special guest for ‘The Pandemic Pandemonium Sessions’. The ninth song is entitled ‘Veiled in Despair’, and is now available on all digital platforms.
I have followed Heidi’s work for a very long time, and I find her voice and vocal capabilities absolutely stunning. Every time Heidi starts singing I get instant goosebumps. The way that she pours emotions into everything she performs and her technical level is absolutely flawless. I feel truly privileged and thankful to have Heidi on board this project, and I am really looking forward to sharing this song with you all. This song is very doomy and melancholic and it has a very soundtrack-like vibe to it.”

Quote – Heidi Parviainen:
“I felt honored when Morten asked me to sing on his new song, love his work and
this song is very cinematic and atmospheric! I did the recording in the middle
of Dark Sarah´s new album ´Attack Of Orym´ recordings and it was a very refreshing
change! The song itself is very intimate, etheric, melancholic and I could say
very Nordic too! You can almost hear the evergreen forests, misty meadows,
fjelds and fjords when you close your eyes.”