MITOCHONDRIAL SUN :: Niklas Sundin von Dark Tranquility mit neuem Song

Dark Tranquillity Gründungsmitglied Niklas Sundin hat einen weiteren Song von seinem Solo-Debütalbum veröffentlicht. Als MITOCHONDRIAL SUN gibt es Musik zu hören, die atmosphärisch, dunkel und cineastisch sein wird. „The Great Filter“ heißt der Song aus dem selbstbetitelten Album, das am 14.Februar bei Argonauta Records erscheinen wird.

This is the third and last single before the Mitochondrial Sun debut album will be released on the 14th of February.“ Sundin comments. „The Great Filter is the album’s closing track, and it shows a side of the project that best can be described as „distorted ambient“. The general vibe is harsh and confrontative, being the soundtrack to a world in its final stages of dissolution, but after a while the noise takes on an almost meditative form. Underneath the layers of distortion, more hopeful melodies are floating around. As with the whole album, the song benefits from focused headphone listening since there are a lot of small nuances that otherwise might lost. Hope that you’ll like it!““