MISANTHUR :: Neues Album im Fullstream

Das polnische Dark Metal- Duo MISANTHUR streamt ab sofort das komplette neue Album „Ephemeris“ über den Season of Mist Youtube Channel. Das Album erscheint am 15. Oktober über Season of Mist Underground Activists. https://www.facebook.com/Misanthur

MISANTHUR comment: „We proudly present to you our debut album ‚Ephemeris‘ which we managed to create during visits to the lowest ebbs of human existence. ‚Ephemeris‘ is a journey about an everlasting struggle in a short human life. It is the fight that one is going through & can never come out victorious – the fight with the most dangerous enemy – oneself. Armed with our ID, Ego & Superego, we wanted to focus on showing the bitterness & hopelessness of our being, but also on some of the beauty & joy one is able to feel sometimes. Our focus was to achieve the feeling of what we call „“confrontational escapism““, or what’s even more on point – „nihilistic catharsis“.