MIMORIUM :: Scandinavian Black Metal im Fullstream beim 2. Album der Finnen

Das zweite Album „Blood of Qayin“ der aus Finnland stammenden Black Metaller MIMORIUM ist nun bei Spread Evil Productions erschienen und kann beim YouTube Kanal Black Metal Promotion im Fullstream angehört werden.
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Tipp der Amboss-Redaktion:
Hört euch den Track „Left Hand of North“ an! (eller)

Label Info: Hailing from Finland, MIMORIUM would more properly be categorized as Scandinavian black metal, as they are rooted deeply in the ’90s Swedish and also Norwegian black metal scenes. One can one hear echoes of old Dissection, Mörk Gryning, and Dark Funeral in MIMORIUM’s fast-paced and melodic black metal as a successful tribute brought to the new millennium, still sounding very much their own and something different simultaneously. Their second album takes a plunge into themes of death and killing, discovering the mysteries of the Blood of Qayin to possess the minds of the murderers viewed through the teachings of anti-cosmic Satanism. Swift ’n‘ decisive, Blood of Qayin shall flow – the past is alive with MIMORIUM!