LORD AGHEROS :: Neues Album

„Nothing At All“ wird das neue, fünfte Album von LORD AGHEROS heißen, das am 20. Juni bei My Kingdom Music erscheinen wird.

Special guest auf dem Album ist Federica „Lenore“ Catalano von LENORE S. FINGERS auf „Lake Water“, der ersten Single.

With „Nothing At All“, the title of the 5th band’s album out on June 20th via , LORD AGHEROS‘ sound offers now a very original, modern, powerful and rich of pathos music showing an amazing mix of Gothic Metal, Ambient, Post-Industrial, but also elements of classical music, everything conceived to generate a Shoegaze mixed to a Dark Metal that indeliblely marks the cinematographic musical essence of this album, so close to the Avantgarde soul of masterminds of the genre such as Ulver and Ihsahn.