Der Track „Stolen Light“ ist das Ergebnis der Zusammenarbeit von LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT und SARAH JEZEBEL DEVA. Zwei kraftvolle Sängerinnen, die beide einen unverwechselbaren Stil liefern und sich in diesem eindringlichen Track wunderbar ergänzen. /

„Through the many strange events that have occurred during this pandemic, you could say the friendship between SARAH JEZEBEL DEVA and LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT was an unlikely one, but also to be expected considering their shared musical pasts. After a year of humming and hawing on what to do musically together while throwing sassy comments back and forth at one another on social media, a small idea sparked and turned into the fully symphonic track „Stolen Light “ that you hear today.“

LINDSAY Commented further: „Stolen Light is about taking back your power after enduring a long and grueling abusive relationship. Often verbal and emotional abuse is overlooked compared to physical violence, but the after effects have proven to be equally as fatal in the long run. SARAH and I bonded over our shared struggles we’ve faced in the music industry and this song is an ode to our perseverance, strength, and triumph in taking back our careers and love of singing and creating music.“

Ethereal orchestration provides a delicate and uplifting backdrop for the soaring vocal melodies. “Stolen Light” has a deeply intimate mood exploring the overcoming of personal trials and tribulations.