LEFT HAND SOLUTION :: Neue Single „First Day Of Winter“

Die 1991 gegründete Gothic/Doom-Metal-Band aus Schweden LEFT HAND SOLUTION haben soeben ihre neueste Single „First Day Of Winter“ veröffentlicht. Die erste Auskopplung stammt aus dem kommenden Album „Dead of Winter“, welches im April 2021 veröffentlicht werden soll.

Schlagzeuger und Songwriter Erik Barthold sagt über den Song:
„I remember starting to write the song ‚First Day Of Winter‘ as the first snow fell in the year of 2002. Little did I imagine that it would take another 18 years for it to be fully completed! The song was finished this summer in a hot recording studio, but of course, we had to wait until the winter solstice for this release. Sorry, that we’ve kept you waiting, but here it finally is in its full winter dress.“