KATLA :: Erste Single aus 2. Album

Das isländische Dark Metal Duo KATLA hat mit „Villuljós“ die erste Single vom kommenden zweiten Album „Allt þetta helvítis myrkur“ veröffentlicht, welches am 13. November bei Prophecy Productions veröffenlicht wird.

– Collector’s edition box set (ltd. 300) incl. 2 CD Artbook & gatefold 2LP b/w marble
– 2 CD Artbook
– Limited edition gatefold 2LP white vinyl
– Gatefold 2LP black vinyl

KATLA comment on the single: „When I wrote ‚Villuljós‘, which means ‚false light‘, I was in a depressive period of my life“, tells multi-instrumentalist Einar Thorberg Guðmundsson. „Everything happend in such a dark haze that I cannot even remember the actual process of creating the demo. When we finally recorded the album, it was done with a more more positive energy. Actually caring about what I was doing helped a lot to get it right. Although the track has not lost its original sonic darkness, I feel very good about the final outcome. Guðmundur Óli has perfectly translated this musical feeling into lyrical darkness. This is the light that represents a false hope.“