INNER MISSING :: Russische Gothic Doom Metaller mit Vorab-Single zum 8. Album

Die russische Gothic Doom Metal Band INNER MISSING veröffentlichte eine erste Single von ihrem kommenden, dem achten Album der Band mit dem Titel „Deluge“. Die 2008 gegründete Band hat nun mit Hilfe von Inverse Records alle bisherigen siében Alben bei Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, etc. zum Anhören bereit gestellt.

Die Band: „This is the first single from our upcoming eponymous album and this video is, perhaps, the most special of all our visualizations. What makes it so special is the fact that both me and Dmitry Gusev (the author and director of animation) are practicing physicians and in this collaboration we tried to give voice to our own experience of medical work during the ongoing pandemic. You may find it eerie and even grotesque but believe me – it reflects my own emotional status 100% veraciously: the uncertainty, the hopelessness, the fatigue. Many of our colleagues lost their lives fighting the pandemic and I want to dedicate this song to their memory.“