IN MOURNING :: Neuer Song

Die schwedischen Death Metaller IN MOURNING haben eine neue Single mit dem Titel „At The Behest Of Night“ veröffentlicht, die aus dem kommenden Album „The Bleeding Veil“ stammt, das von der Band als ihr bisher düsterstes Album bezeichnet wird.

«The Bleeding Veil“ is our most personal album», comments guitarist Tim Nedergård. «We have taken a deep dive into every detail and aspect of these songs. Reflection has been a keyword throughout the process. We have combined dark and abstract elements, and still been influenced by our earlier Swedish melodic death metal sound.»

„The Bleeding Veil“ is set to be released on November 26th (2021) by Dalapop (digitally and on CD). The LP edition will be released on February 18th (2022) due to worldwide manufacturing problems. The album will be distributed by Bengans Skivbutik.