ILLUDIUM :: 1. Single aus neuem Album

ILLUDIUM enthüllen die „melancholische Video-Meditation“ über die natürliche Welt „Soma Sema“ als erste Single aus ihrem kommenden Album „Ash of the Womb“, das am 15. Oktober 2021 bei Prophecy Productions erscheinen soll. Der kalifornische Dark-Dreamgaze-Act um Sängerin und Gitarristin Shantel Amundson enthüllt unten außerdem Coverart, Tracklist und weitere Details zum neuen Album.


ILLUDIUM comment: „Our first single, ‚Soma Sema‘ revolves around the idea of freedom from the fetters of the body, the principles of our attachment to Earth, and our subsequent release“, states frontwoman Shantel Amundson. „The song deals with the turbulence and suffering that we encounter throughout our lives, physically and spiritually. The lyrical concept is representative of the overarching theme of this album, of death within the womb and life within the tomb. Maternal mortality and posthumous birth are topics that are very personal to me, and something that I sought to honor in this song. Yet these themes can also be applied, as is the intention with this album, to our relationship with Earth, our impact on its ecosystems, and the exploitation of the natural world for the progression of human purposes.“