HEILUNG :: Neues Album im Mai

Die Neofolk Band HEILUNG werden im Mai 2019 ihr neues Album „Futha“ via Season of Mist veröffentlichen. Die Band kommentiert den Albumtitel wie folgt: „The majority of full rune set inscriptions start with ‚Futha‘, and is known to us as the first four letters in all runic alphabets. It is considered that our forefathers saw magic potential in engraving the full rune line, but there is also great significance in the beginnings. Science has no key for the meaning of only engraving the first couple of letters yet, but there is, of course, a surplus of theories. One of the theories we found inspiration in, is that ‚Futha‘ holds the meaning of fertility and female gender. As ‚Ofnir‘ focused on war and masculine notions, the great healing power of female wild strength is evoked in Futha. Those who have been present at a birth or have seen lionesses hunting know the spirit, and we welcome and embrace it in the sounds that were born during the creation of ‚Futha‘.“