HEILUNG :: Dritter neuer Track von „Drif“

Das Ritual-Kollektiv HEILUNG veröffentlicht den dritten neuen Track mit dem Titel „Tenet“, der aus dem kommenden Album „Drif“ der Band stammt. Das neue Werk wird weltweit am 19. August 2022 über Season of Mist veröffentlicht und ‚Tenet‘ kann ab sofort über den Season of Mist YouTube Kanal untermalt von einem „Mood Video“ angehört werden.

HEILUNG comment on the track: “Our third single release is a palindrome. All individual musical parts, melodies and instruments (and even at times the lyrics) play the same both forward and backwards. The song is based on the “Sator Square”, the earliest datable two-dimensional palindrome, first found in Herculaneum (Italy), a city buried under the ashes of the erupting Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, at that time part of the flourishing Roman Empire. What is particularly interesting with this palindrome is that not only does it read forwards and backwards but also vertically in both directions.