HANGING GARDEN :: Titeltrack vom kommenden Album veröffentlicht

Mit „Skeleton Lake“ haben die Finnischen Melodic Doomsters HANGING GARDEN den Titeltrack von ihrem kommenden, dem 7. Album veröffentlicht. „Skeleton Lake“ wird am 21. Mai bei Lifeforce Records erscheinen.

Guitarist Jussi Hämäläinen about the song: Skeleton Lake was different right from the start. Usually I have a clear vision of the song I’m writing but with Skeleton Lake it was all about trial and error.

The song had a working title ”Solemn” which pretty much sums up feeling I was aiming for… slow, huge wall of sound with beautiful harmonies. They are still all there but in a different way.

After trying out different arrangements the last thing I came up with was this beautiful guitar lead. I decided to leave out the heavy rhythm guitars and let the song breathe with only synths and some clean guitars accompanying the lead.”

Toni:” Lyrics for Skeleton Lake’s title track were written by Riikka, upon her listening the music of the song, and doing an introspective journey through the feelings and landscapes the song invoked in her.