HAMMERFALL :: Unterschreiben bei Napalm Records

Am 4. November wird das 10. Album der Schweden HAMMERFALL erscheinen. Dafür sind HAMMERFALL eine neue Partnerschaft mit dem österreichischen Label Napalm Records eingegangen.

Oscar Dronjak, HammerFall Gitarrist:
„HammerFall has been very successful and happy with Nuclear Blast for almost 20 years, but in order for us to continue to grow as a band and reach new heights we needed a fresh challenge. This felt like a right and necessary step at this point in our careers, in order to keep moving forward and upward at a high speed. We view this label change as an opportunity to create something special, and firmly believe our best times are still ahead of us. That’s why we’re very, very excited to work with the people at Napalm Records for our upcoming, 10th studio album!“