FORTÍÐ :: 2. Track als Lyric-Video von neuer EP

Das isländische Pagan Black Metal Trio FORTÍÐ veröffentlicht den zweiten Track „Fimbulvetur“ der EP „Dómur um dauðan hvern“ („Judgement of Everyone Dead“) als Lyric Video exklusiv über den YouTube Kanal Black Metal Promotion. Die Veröffentlichung von „Dómur um dauðan hvern“ ist für den 18. November 2022 bei Lupus Lounge geplant.

FORTÍÐ comment: „The first track of the EP, ‚Fimbulvetur‘ tells about a time in the past when the eruption of a volcano blocked the sun for some years, killing crops and livestock, which left people starving and murdering each other for every little scrap that they had left to eat“, mastermind Einar Eldur Thorberg explains. „It’s about people, who worshipped the sun and had lost their faith, thinking that their god was either dead or had abandoned them.“