FORNDOM :: Schwedisches Nordic-Folk-Album im Fullstream

Drei Jahre nach dem Debütalbum “Dauðra Dura” kehrt die schwedische Nordic-Folk-Band FORNDOM mit ihrem neuen Album “Faþir” (Vater) zurück. Das Album erschien am 3.4. bei Nordvis Records und kann auf deren YouTube Kanal im Fullstream angehört werden.
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„The culture, traditions, history and melancholic landscapes of the rural parts of central Sweden is the main elements within the musical universe of Forndom. As nearly three years has passed since the critically acclaimed release of ’Dauðra Dura’, Forndom is about to return with the upcoming album ’Faþir’. Through the sounds of classical instruments and ambient choirs, L. Swärd takes us back on a musical journey to times and traditions of old. The melancholic expression and use of traditional instruments and chants, brings the listener back to the origins of the old Scandinavian philosophy and religion; A time when man lived side by side with death and the rhythm of nature.“