EVANGELION :: Debüt-Album erschienen und im Fullstream anhörbar

Die Schweizer Melodic Black/Doom Metaller EVANGELION haben am 24.12. ihr Debütalbum „Revelations Or The Spawn Of Greed And War“ als CD und digital via Auric Records veröffentlicht. Das Album kann man sich auf dem YouTube Kanal des Labels in voller Länge anhören. https://auricrecords.bandcamp.com

Evangelion says: „We look forward to finally introducing our debut album to the heretical community! An idea that is over 20 years old now finds its manifestation in this concept album. And even if the events described were exactly 400 years ago, it still happens today: War in the name of false Gods. This album is our vision of the alliance (or war) between Black and Doom Metal and we will – how ironical – unleash it on humanity in this sacred time.“