ENSLAVED :: Neue 7″ EP

Soulseller Records veröffentlicht eine exklusive und limitierte 7″ EP von ENSLAVED. „Thorn“ wird auf 1000 Kopien beschränkt sein.

„The songs are eerie and atmospheric, with nods both back towards Enslaveds edgier-monotonous past and dark-psychedelic present. The 7 inch is produced by Enslaveds own Ivar Bjørnson and Iver Sandøy (who the band has worked with since last years Axioma Ethica Odini).“
The mythological universe of Enslaved is full of references to the timeless concepts of ones word and the strength of bonds. About a decade ago, a pact between Enslaved and Soulseller Records were made to do a strictly limited 7 inch release with exclusive Enslaved material. The whole agreement was based on both parties love for vinyl and the old ways of the Extreme Metal scene. Well, shortly after the pact was made, Enslaveds career accelerated a lot, and the Enslaved/ Soulseller deal kept having to wait for the next recording, promo trip or tour. Well, finally it was realized that things were never going to slow down (which is good news!), and that the time was right to do it! That Enslaved\’s present record label Indie Recordings respected the agreement without hesitation only adds to the air of genuine musical and artistic values that surrounds this release..