EINVIGI :: Blackgaze Band mit 2. Single aus Debütalbum

Die in Turku ansässige finnische Blackgaze Band EINVIGI veröffentlichte die zweite Single aus ihrem bevorstehenden Debütalbum „Sielulintu“, das am 11. Dezember 2020 bei Inverse Records erscheinen soll. /

Band comments:
„Soturin Uni (”Warriors dream/sleep”) was the first song to be composed from the album. It set the tone on what kind of sounds and atmosphere the album would reflect. The lyrics tell of a person who after fighting enough for one lifetime wishes to let go, to move on from this world and finally become part of something greater, a part of nature’s beauty. The song also addresses the theme of the whole album, how thin and fickle the line between dream and reality can be.“