EILERA :: Neues Album der Folk Rock Singer/Songwriterin im Fullstream

EILERA, eine aus Frankreich stammende Sängerin und Songwriterin, hat via Inverse Records am 6. März ihr fünftes Album veröffentlicht. Auf dem YouTube Kanal des Labels kann man „Waves“ in voller Länge hören.
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ORDER WAVES CD: http://bit.ly/2SA9Qdc

Eilera comments:
“When you are a song-writer, you are faced with a choice: make the same album again and again your whole musical life, or make albums that reflect the time, place and person you are at every new stage of your life. The first option is the safest. But I have never been the safe kind..”

“I believe that my job is to push walls away, even if I know that some of my followers might not understand my new albums at first, when they come out. I have to pursue my mission. Prior to the beginning of my work on Waves, I had gotten healed from a burn-out by a road trip along the Ocean coast. Its waves were the ones I had to make an album of. They decided for the organic quality of the album. I just obeyed the muse. Only, I did it my way.“

“When I look back to the first days I was working on Waves, I remember thinking this album would be a kind of Kurt Cobain album, both pure and dirty-sounding. But of course, this was not realistic. I had to incorporate this acoustic seed into Eilera’s sound tradition, make it mine, which was a long working-process. I also wanted to give space to the musicians who recorded on the album for expressing themselves.. The sure thing regarding Waves’ sound that developed with time, was that I wanted it to have one foot in the depths of nature and humanity, like folk music, and the other foot in modern times music production.”