DIE KRUPPS :: Neues Video „Trigger Warning“

Mit „Trigger Warning“ veröffentlichen DIE KRUPPS einen Track aus ihrem aktuellen Album „Vision 2020 Vision“

DIE KRUPPS have so far operated between these different poles – EBM/industrial and grooving metal – although their focus may have shifted. While „The Machinists Of Joy“ (2013) emphasised the electronic element and their most recent album „Metal Machine Music“ (2015) featured brutal metal sounds, „Vision 2020 Vision“ is a concentrate of the band’s ground-breaking period between 1992 and 1997, the ultimate, perfect amalgamation of two musical worlds which DIE KRUPPS brought together back then. Jürgen Engler has wiped the dust off lots of old analogue synthesizers that sound raw and powerful, underpin guitarist Marcel Zürcher’s fierce thrash riffs and make the current KRUPPS sound more driving and dynamic than ever before.