DEPRESSED MODE :: Finnische Symphonic Doom/Death Metaller streamen neues Album

Die finnischen Symphonic Doom/Death Metaller DEPRESSED MODE streamen ihr neues Album in voller Länge auf YouTube und anderen Streaming-Diensten. Das Album ist heute bei Inverse Records erschienen. https://push.fm/fl/6ozmhgh7

Otto Salonen comments the album release and each track of the album:
„It felt like forever to get it finished and released, but two and a half years later after I started with composing, it’s out for all of you to hear! I’m f*cking glad it’s finished and out, cause I’ve been living this album for so long now.
Many reviewers and fans has said that they hope the next album won’t take a decade, so I can tell you right now it won’t! I’m already working on new material. And we have a surprise for all of you coming this summer! For the next album it may take a while, but somethings cooking. Writing symphonic metal ain’t so easy.
I hope that we get a chance to play a great live album release show at some point in a nice venue, but no shows has been booked yet. We’ll inform you on social media when something’s up! So make sure you follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts!