DAWN OF SOLACE :: Neues Video der Gothic/Doom Metaller zu „Ghost“

DAWN OF SOLACE (featuring Wolfheart mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen) haben am 24. Januar bei Noble Demon ihr neues Album „Waves“ veröffentlicht (Review hier). Zu dem Track „Ghost“ gibt es nun ein neues Video, das bereits vierte aus dem Album.

Today the Death and Gothic Doom Metal icon Saukkonen has released a brand new live performance video for the album’s closing track „Ghost“, featuring very special guests but also label mates, Mikko Heikkilä from KAUNIS KUOLEMATON on vocals and Saku Moilanen (RED MOON ARCHITECT) on piano. Names that speak for themselves and you truly get what you expect: beautiful melodies and a breathtaking sorrowful feel. The saddest song of the album is a perfect fit as a 4th single for these dark times. It is one of the best to be blown away by the talent and awesomeness of your friends and I had the best seat in the house behind the camera watching Saku Moilanen (Dawn Of Solace studio engineer and co-producer) and Mikko delivering a magnificent live version of the song.“ Tuomas Saukkonen comments.