CVLT OV THE SVN :: Video zum Debüt-Titelsong

Am 7. Mai 2021 wird die finnische Dark Occult Rock Band CVLT OV THE SVN ihr erstes Album „We Are The Dragon“ auf Napalm Records veröffentlichen. Zum Titeltrack gibt es nun ein Video bei YouTube zu sehen.

Info: „’We Are The Dragon’ was one of the first COTS songs ever to see the light of day and earned the role of ‘title track’ immediately, the anonymous visionary behind CVLT OV THE SVN reveals. „Also, as the opener for the album, the first lyrics that people would eventually hear when giving it a spin were very important to me. ‘We are the darkness and decay’ is a proper line to begin the album with. A straightforward rock n‘ roll anthem depicting the darkness itself.“