COUNTING HOURS :: Debüt am 23.10. verwurzelt im Gothic/Dark Metal der 90er

Finnlands „Depressive Dark Rock“ Band COUNTING HOURS, zu denen u.a. Mitglieder von Shape of Despair, The Chant und Impaled Nazarene gehören, haben mit The Vinyl Division einen Vertrag abgeschlossen, wonach sie ihr Debütalbum „The Will“ am 23. Oktober 2020 auf Black and Red Vinyl und auch auf Digipak mit 6 Platten veröffentlichen werden.

Counting Hours were founded by guitarist Jarno Salomaa (Shape Of Despair, ex-Rapture) and vocalist Ilpo Paasela (The Chant), and later completed by Tomi Ullgren (Shape of Despair, Impaled Nazarene) on guitars, Sameli Köykkä (ex-Colosseum) on drums and Markus Forsström (The Chant) on bass.

Paasela comments on the new single: «“Our Triumph“ is about two people abandoning society and all its norms. There’s mental illness, for sure, but at the same time a certain awareness of what needs to be done. Physically, they both are slowly decaying, yet there’s no will to prevent that. Finally, when the other one dies, the body is to be carried away from display. They will disappear together. In a way, this is a love story but a very bleak one. Its aim is not to be a statement or anything, it’s just what it is.»