CLOAK :: Spirituelle Rebellion jenseits von Gut und Böse

Die Blackened Heavy Metaller CLOAK werden am 26. Mai 2023 ihr drittes Album „Black Flame Eternal“ veröffentlichen via Season Of Mist. Nun hat das Quartett aus Atlanta die erste Single „Invictus“ zusammen mit einem neuen Musikvideo veröffentlicht.  Preorder:

CLOAK drummer Sean Bruneau comments on the song: „No composition written by the band has so perfectly captured our essence to date. The time spent in isolation allowed not only personal growth, but tremendous reflection on a lifetime of inspiration. The song came together aggressively once we started working on new material, and it was clear that we were approaching things differently this time around. Anger and empowerment were much more evident as opposed to the more melody driven material in the past albums. To us, ‚Invictus‘ is a thesis of sorts. It’s everything about who we were before this band and where we are headed together moving forward.“